Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Showers That Shock

So, it turns out I'm not the only one receiving substantial shocks from my electric shower. Monika and I was were discussing this phenomenon recently, and found with surprise that we'd had very similar experiences. Both of our knobs shock, and furthermore, we both have wires dangling out of the showerhead itself that one must be careful to avoid. We'd found this out through electrifying experience, when reaching up to rinse. Monika, in fact, was rinsing a razor, which, being metal, conducted a lovely tingling jolt throughout the entire right side of her body. Though basically accustomed to things in Peru being more than a bit on the shoddy side, Monika and I asked (with the endearing naive innocence of gringas) our Peruvian friends why the showers in this country shock. "Well," they laughed, "it's because they don't have earth connections." Right, erm, and why exactly don't they have earth connections? Is it difficult to make them? Surely it just involves another wire? "Haha," the merry Peruvians responded, "of course it's not difficult to earth showers. We just like the buzz."

These Peruvians are crazy. Get out while you still can. I have a lovely mental image of your shocked knob now.
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