Tuesday, October 26, 2004


My Birthday - Parts 1 and 2

It's Tuesday. I think I still have a hangover from Saturday night. Is that bad? I did what all the songs suggest, and partied like it was birthday (even though it isn't 'til Wednesday). Because I could, alright? Last year, I recall, I went to my deadly CELTA course all day, taught, bought myself a solitary chocolate bar to celebrate, then travelled home (three hours on bus/train) thinking someone would surely buy me a pizza. No-one did. I ate dinner my mummy cooked for me and sobbed into the phone (to a certain someone in Nippon) and finally went to bed, shivering and alone.
That's why my birthday this year is going to be so bloody good. Part 1, on the said Saturday night, involved imbibing plenty of thrist-quenching Cuba Libres, going to Samba nightclub, enjoying lashings of Pina Coladas, and dancing my pants off until about seven am. Monika and Neil, fellow teachers at ICPNA, both missed their Sunday morning classes completely, which I think is a fitting testiment to the excellence of the evening's festivities.
Part 2 involved waking up sometime on Sunday to a lovely, massive arrangement of flowers from Tito's parents, a gorgeous cake and about 10 pounds of pork to be cooked. We went out for lunch with some friends, came back, slept more, then prepared dinner(the largest I'd ever made). Tito's mum Glavis had very kindly seen to the pork, I just had to prepare the mountain of garbanzos. I did, then 17 people came over and we fed them. They left, we went to bed. It was wonderful.
Stayed tuned for further episodes of the never-ending birthday!

Ah, Well if you are starting early I'll wish you a

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been utterly terrrified all week that I'd forget. (Mum even rang and reminded me ;))

Now I'm not sure if you can get sound on any of your PCs, but if so I hope you get a birthday smile from this: http://www.superlaugh.com/1/beetlesbday.htm

Anyways, best wishes, and I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever! And I hope the next year tops all your expectations beyond even your imagination!

Love -K
Happy birthday!

Vanessa @ sarsparilla
OK, that's enough having fun. Get posting some blog entries lady.
Oh geez I remember your birthday last year. That CELTA course was a whole lot of fun huh?
My favourite bit was when Celia cried at me for about an hour coz she failed one of her essays. She passed it on re-submission tho. I wonder what Ruperts doing now. Probably having dinner with the queen.
Glad this year was better buddy.
Lots of love,
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