Friday, October 01, 2004


Cycle End

Ahh... am enjoying my luxurious five day break between cycles. It's funny, the cycles are only 18 days, but they can feel like an eternity. By the time you have had a class for a few cycles on the trot, you know precisely which students are totally resistant to any form of learning, and which smarmy chops you hope your eyes will never again alight upon. Apparently, it feels the same for the students. As I was lining up the desks in exam stylee on the last day I came across a couple instances of pencilled graffiti: 'I hate myself and I want to died' and 'Bitch is my teacher'. Red-pen hand quivering, I resisted the urge to correct the lamentable grammar. Instead I scrubbed them out with my sweaty palm and thanked cielos that I will having all new students next cycle.

heya, i found your blog via Luis and i LOVE it! i'm totally linking you and i'll be back!
Yo Banessa!
Check out me thing, post me some messages and tell me how I can make it funnier...
Love ben
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