Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I Hate Jose Pablo

Speaking of total lack of discipline (as I was yesterday, amongst various other things)... yesterday Jose Pablo was really acting up. In between shouting to his friend at the back of the class (I have had to isolate him at the front), and ridiculing other students, he was whinging on at me for sweets, in reward for his work completed. When I looked at his worksheet and showed his some things he needed to correct he told me, amongst other things, "No me jodas" (Don't f**k with me). I let him know that I understood and was not best pleased, but he continued to swear at me. Worse, he was constantly and most vociferously ridiculing me, for my white skin, for sneezing, for drinking tea, for being a lesbian (?) and other things that nasty little 13 year olds somehow find hilarious. The final straw came when he called me a 'pendeja' (literally: female pubic hair) in the same breath as he was using to again whine for sweeties. Enraged at his three month campaign of disrespect, I threw his bag out into the hall, told him to get out and preferably not return, and slammed the door behind him. Several hours later, a senior teacher came to talk to me. It seems precious little Jose Pablo had come to the school to complain with his mummy... and a lawyer. Talk about blame transference! What a superb example of parenting, take note! Your bratty son gets thrown out of English class AGAIN, and rather than talking to his teacher, finding out the real story, and perhaps (gasp!) disciplining your little angel, you feel the need to show how very important you both are by bringing in a lawyer. It's sad really, as no-one will support him should his mummy decide to take action... students and teachers alike are aware of what a total dickhead Jose Pablo really is.

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