Friday, September 10, 2004


Cords Fever

After six months of strictly no clothes shopping, I finally surrendered last month and bought myself a lovely new pair of brown cords in celebration of payday. They were 50 soles - about 8 quid - in Topy Top, one of the vaguely upmarket high-street 'fashion' shops. I have hardly had them off my backside since I bought them, they are so comfortable and well-fitting and I absolutely adore them. I don't know what it is, Tito claims I have lost weight (I'm not sure about that), but now suddenly all my other trousers seem somehow inferior, and just too damn big n' baggy. Basically all women here wear their trousers at a spray-on level of tightness, and my cords are no exception... they even have a 3% spandex content. I think I am turning Peruvian. So you can imagine my glee as I walked past Top Topy this morning and saw all cords had been reduced to a mere 30 soles! I grabbed another pair on the double, in a nice faded blue. I was tempted to buy more, but then I thought, let's not be hasty. I have no idea what's in fashion in the UK, and have no desire to return dressed like a South American princess only to find boot-cut/flared trousers are completely out. Yet it's hard to imagine them going out of style, what other flattering options are there for trousers - tapered, drainpipe, stretch? Yikes! Advice please - should I stock up on these gorgeous babies at 5 quid a pop?

four pairs total sounds about right!
Darlin, think about often in life do really find a nice pair of trousers?!?!?

lol...For heavens sake you had me importing Gap jeans!

Anything that looks good on you will always be in fashion! (Not to mention last time I saw you, you hardly looked like a brit anyways ;))

To be honest British fashion has been rather dire now for a few years now anyways. So buy what looks good ;)
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