Monday, August 23, 2004


Let's Not And Say We Did

I am in Ecuador this weekend. It's funny, because it feels just like I haven't left Chiclayo at all. Hmm... hang about, it seems I haven't actually left Chiclayo. My passport has though, it's gone gadding off to steamy Ecuador all on it's lonesome. It's being illegally processed so that I can receive the entry visa that allows me 90 more days in Peru, with a further possibility of three more 30 day renewals, and all this for a bargain bribe of $40! Had a sudden flash of worry then, thinking that someone reading this might inform the immigration officials about my little ploy. But then I realised that of course they are the ones who are doing the said deed, and thus presumably already know. Those trusty folks down at immigration also blatantly know that I am working here without a permit, but they couldn't give a rat's ass. It's Peru, baby!

Just out of curiosity do you still have your Canadian passport as well?

Having heard all my Dad's stories about other countries, I tend to get nervous anytime my passport leaves my hands and that's when I'm spoiled and have two of them!

I really should check the costs on carrying a Canadian one again...but I'm not sure I want to pay to keep three current.
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