Monday, July 05, 2004


Weekend Inquisition

Slept most of the weekend, I was absolutely exhaused after my first three days of teaching. Normally, teachers are scheduled for three or four classes, one or two of which get cancelled. I was, thus, surprised to find that all four of my classes have sufficient students and will not be cancelled. This means I will be teaching for six and a half hours a day, which is quite a lot, considering marking and preparation as well. I also have a buggerous split-shift of seven to nine in the morning and then four to nine in the evening which completely screws up my day. Anyway, I did manage to make it out of bed on Sunday to attend Tito’s cousin’s birthday party. He is a very nice bloke, but unfortuanately one cannot avoid the use of the term ‘bible-basher’ when describing his personality. I was dismayed to find that, accordingly, all of the cousin’s five siblings could be grouped under the same heading. Talk about inquisitions! “Are you Catholic?” they demanded... “Will you be having a Catholic wedding?” Not on your Nelly, said I (or words to that effect). “But, Tito, you’re Catholic, aren’t you?” “Mmm...” said Tito “my family are of the Catholic tradition”. Not that I don’t enjoy conversing on the topic of religion, but I prefer to do it with people who haven’t already decided that I am wrong, and thus going to hell, before we even start. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that people who are the most committed to their religion find it necessary to challenge and condemn people with more open minds than themselves?

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