Friday, July 23, 2004


Que Frio!

Something I hadn't realised before I came to Peru is that in the winter it really is chilly.  And the winter is now, unfortunately. I tend to think of South America as being hot all the time, and I did most of my packing with that thought in mind.  Luckily, I knew it could get cold at Cuzco and Micchu Picchu, so I threw in some warmer stuff for our planned visits to that region.  It's a good job, as my summertime assortment of flimsy silk skirts and flip-flops are just not cutting it anymore. Fortunately, I personally do not have to find suitable vegetation for my llamas under 10 inches of snow, but it is nonetheless rather nippy in the evenings. Although, confusingly, it is also extremely roasting in the direct midday sun, due to Peru's proximity to the equator. It's quite difficult to know what to wear, but as a Brit I am managing quite nicely with the advice I was brought up on... the key word here is LAYERS.   Think British summertime!

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