Thursday, July 08, 2004



I never fail to become totally infuriated at the post office, and today was no exception. I have a massive grudge against SerPost Peru since they soaked a batch of about 20 postcards I sent out, rendering them virtually impossible to read. That’s according to the reports I received from England, Canada, and Japan – so I can be certain it happened in Peru, if I had had any doubts. It was ridiculously expensive to post them, and I am sure some never even reached their final destination. Anyway, today as I was jostled about in the queue for the only open counter I was twice queue jumped by little old ladies (it’s the same the world over). I was repeatedly hassled by little urchin beggars, and was finally losing my temper with an old bugger who, upon spying my blond hair, had made a special stop in the post office to incessantly whinge at me for money. Don’t get me wrong – I would cut out my heart with a spoon if it would help ease these people’s poverty, but I can’t understand why they are allowed to beg aggressively inside government buildings as their hapless victims wait in line. Besides, I doubt he had change for a 20, and neither did I. “Where are you from?” came a voice from behind. I turned around to a man grasping a package addressed to Spain. “England.” I replied politely. “Ahh. This is Peru.” he said. Oh thank you, Señor Peru! Should the name of the country in which I presently reside ever slip my mind, I hope you will be there for me once more with your wonderful words of wisdom. Maybe then I will give you the knuckle sandwich you so desperately deserve.

You should have just told him that in Japanese.
yea i know how u felt. i moved here from the states, an i been here fo about 2 years already an it pisses me off that when ur eating (MC,KFC, or bembos, i cannt believe those places lets them in) the poor kids approach you and ask you for money, but i love this country it may be a piece of shit but it grows on will see that its not peru the land because its beautiful its the fucking dirty people that are the fucked ones. but make the best off it and try to do something for the country, social work will help u understand the necessity that some families go thru some live of 30 dollars a month i bet that the shirt u have on right now is worth more,maybe someday this fucking peruvians can say this woman( sorry cannt remenber ur name) did something for PERU.and when u need to get away go to a country club (a REAL one not the ones turist allways end up going )or go to ASIA 97.5km south of lima o i hope u know where that is,ok well bye
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