Thursday, July 15, 2004



It's interesting how living in this very poor country has changed my perspective on money. I looked in my purse today and was chuffed to discover a 20 soles note. This will buy me: four taxi journeys into town, five hours in an Internet cafe, three cheeseburgers and an ice cream, should I so desire. 20 soles is only about three pounds, so this value for money is not to be sneezed at! It's a good job, too, because when we have no money here we are really, seriously, flat broke. I have never before in my adult life been without credit of any kind. It does make life simpler, all I have to do in terms of budgeting is look in my purse. If there is money inside I can buy another beer, if there isn't, then I can't. None of this 'Oooo, well, if I buy four drinks which come to over 10 quid I can use my switch' business. Indeed, no visa, no mastercard, no overdraft.  It's oddly refreshing. 

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