Saturday, July 10, 2004


Cancelled class

I am thrilled to bits to say that my seven am class has now been cancelled. Having to get up before six, and then not getting home until past 10pm, meant that teaching was taking over my life in a way I had not intended. Furthermore, being at such an unseemly hour, the attendance of my morning class was extremely patchy, and students were usually more than 30 minutes late. This meant that I was usually more than slighty infuriated by the time I finally got to start the class, which was supposed to be 'intensive'. The final straw came on Wednesday, when I had just two students, and neither of them seemed to have any desire to participate whatsoever. Teaching can be bizarrely alienating sometimes, you do feel somewhat taken aback when you are addressing the only two people in the room, yet they are both pretending not to hear you/that you are talking to someone else. I can't imagine any situation, other than teaching, when this would occur. As we drove home after class I was tickled to see this attitude perfectly summed-up in words. A man lounging by the side of the road was sporting a faded t-shirt that said: 'I'm out of bed. What more do you want?' Nowt, mate. You just carry on...

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