Friday, June 04, 2004


Meaty End

We are really enjoying having little Wanpi Two. Today we took her to the beach for a run, it was lovely and sunny (as it is virtually everyday in Chiclayo), but also quite chilly and windy. Wanpi is still very little and cried pitifully to be picked up as she chased after us, terrified. So, erm, it was more fun for us than her, then! What really puzzles us about the dog is how she utterly scorns puppy chow, yet devours plasters, onion skin, fluff, you name it. She also turns her nose up at the clean water we give her in a dish, but is happy to drink any random liquid she finds on the floor, such as condensation from the fridge or puddles around the toilet. Perhaps it is just the pleasure of being self-sufficient. She is certainly contrary – if we shut her in our bedroom she whines to be let out, but more often than not, when released will turn straight around and go back in voluntarily. Dogs really have the meaty end of the bone in the dog/human partnership, I reckon.

My cat Phouka chews plastic. It drives me mad!

Then when I'd mostly got her to stop she started licking books. I figure that one will last right up to her first papercut.
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