Friday, June 11, 2004


Brujas Blancas

Things have been a bit strained round the house recently. Tito and I have, frankly, had a massive dose of culture-shock. It’s hardly surprising, seeing as we have gone from a society as anally retentive as Japan, to one as slack arsed as Peru. On top of that, we have a cash flow problem, no privacy, and live with my in-laws. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, but with it only being just over a year that we plan to be here, we are trying to make the most of the experience and simply enjoy ourselves. After all, we don’t have to live forever with the corruption, cancelations, and cash coercions of Peruvian society. I think it is really important that I understand Tito’s country and get to know his family, and of course learn Spanish. Peru has so much to offer, culturally and geographically, in spite of the poverty... the country has often been described as a beggar seated on a bench of gold. Tito’s family really are great, too, they are extremely understanding and open-minded people. Whilst living with a big family, four generations together under the same roof, is not many twenty-something’s idea of a good time, it does have a lot to commend itself. You can’t afford to be inflexible when living with nine other people who all have different ideas as to where the salt should be kept. However, there have been some bad vibes and discord in the house this week, and Tito and I have been on a total emotional rollercoaster. So this afternoon Glavis suggested that Tito visit her cousin, who is a ‘bruja blanca’ (white witch). He came back quite upset, as the woman had done his tarot cards, and the reading said that his aura attracts a lot of negative energy because people tend to envy him. This so affected him because his late grandmother, who was also involved in white magic, always used to tell him the same when he was a little boy, and quite frankly, it’s true. Tito has a taller stature and sportier body type than the average Peruvian. On top of that, he has an easy-going, friendly nature that automatically makes him popular. Furthermore, the economy in Peru is such that people truly believe money = happiness, and here we are driving around in a highly noticable sports car, and generally just looking blatantly loaded. (As an aside, that’s a commonly believed fallacy!). We turn up at the supermarket looking like some kind of glamorous superstars, yet purchase the cheapest possible bread, the on-offer milk, and the decidedly unposh ₤1.50 Peruvian wine. Nevertheless, we do attract envy, and not just due to the money thing. We look like we have choices and opportunities, and last, but certainly not least, we look truly madly in love with each other. We are bloody lucky, and we know it. Anyhow, the point is that this is all serving to weigh down Tito’s aura; thus a ‘Florecimientos’ (Flowering) ceremony has been prescribed for tonight at 10pm. I have agreed to accompany Tito, Glavis, and Perla, but am slightly concerned about the prospect of cavorting with witches after dark... even if they are white.

How has your aura been recently?
I think that this will have been a most interesting experience.
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