Monday, April 12, 2004


Triumphant Day

It is a triumphant day. Today I celebrated the happy occurance of my first solid poop in Peru. Yep, that’s right, I have had constant, unrelenting diarrhoea since Day One. At first I thought I just needed to give my body time to get accustomed to Peru’s own special brands of bacteria, but it quickly became clear that heavy duty drugs were needed. Sudden and painful explosions from my prosterior were not enhancing my exploration experiences of Peru, especially considering many toilets have no seat, toilet paper, or flush mechanism. So, after three visits to the doctor, and five different types of medicine, I was finally prescribed an anti-parasitical pill, which seems to have done the trick. I have also had to completely eliminate dairy, mangos, and uncooked seafood from my diet (the latter surprisingly difficult, as Peru’s national dish is cebiche, raw seafood in lemon juice, with hot peppers and onions - scrumptious). My intestines now seem to have finally recovered, and I have been advised that I can slowly introduce cebiche back into my diet. Brilliant!

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