Thursday, April 29, 2004


Mallet-wielding Youth

Was awoken early to the sound of reverberating thuds outside the front door. I opened the door for a look, and saw a mallet-wielding youth whose job it is to break up the 250 metres of concrete pavement along our road today (better him than me). The city has decided to re-do all the pavements in this area, as Chiclayo will have an influx of tourists in July, when there will be a South American football tournament at the stadium nearby. It seems to me, pavements are some of the least urgent reparations necessary, considering the state of the traffic lights... and that the road itself it is not actually paved. When I mentioned this, everyone looked at me oddly, and informed me that we are in Peru. Right then! Looks like we won’t be using the car for awhile, seeing as the pavement will be impassable.

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