Saturday, February 14, 2004



Today we went into town with Tito’s mum and dad to look for a bed, which was pretty weird considering the kind of witticisms bed testing seems to call for. You know, about how the mattress had better be mighty strong considering the kind of usage it’s going to get, etc. Anyhow, this means that we have officially moved in, and can no longer escape to the hotel. We are now living with: Tito’s mother and father - Glavis and Jorge, sister Perla, her husband Javier (inexplicably nicknamed Wooloo), and their baby Celeste (seven months), brother Arturo (charm personified), and his daughter Keila (six), and grandfather (93). Being the only child of two only children myself, this gregarious living arrangement is certainly a change for me. I am not a little anxious about this...

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